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Marine Tracking

Marine Tracking

Marine tracking services provide real-time, worldwide ocean coverage, as well as predictive services. This includes a detailed breakdown of the vessel, including name, country of origin, speed, heading, status and exact position.


Ragtrack provide remotely monitor

If you are interested to remotely monitor & keep track of your containers whether on land or in the sea, we are here to support you and bring up your compliance to international government standards and at the same time to lower your yearly losses and insurance premiums on your shipments.

In case you are traveling to high-risk destinations and suffering from an increased level of container theft – we are here to provide the following to aspects of value:
– increased asset visibility with global coverage
– faster response to emergencies (Chemical & High Value Cargo).
– accurate information regarding the shipment status
– prevention of loss that is due to misplacement, delays, or theft
Advanced and flexible report system will leverage the value by making some of the key parameters available at a click, such as fuel management, geofence control, private vs corporate trips.

Driver ID systems will let you distinguish the drivers, and give access only to authorised ones to your vehicles.

Business IT Support Features

  • Status Monitoring & Activity Logs
  • flexible geofencing to define restricted and safe zones
  • temperature monitoring of reefers
  • door activity monitoring and status alerts
  • panic mode alert based on user-defined events
  • weather-proof high performance hardware that operates in harsh conditions
  • scheduled reports & instant alerts