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Ready-Mix Industry

Ready-Mix Industry

Our Technology offers numerous benefits by automating common operations including interfaces with a variety of switches and sensors, and the ability to operate valves and relays remotely.


Ragtrack provide deliverability of concrete

We are offering up to 98% deliverability of concrete at the jobsite on time, over 90% enhancement to the dispatchers capability of dispatching the fleet and up to 93% accuracy to ascertain the status of each construction site and truck. Want shall enable you to gain control of other mission-critical parameters?
See some of our case studies to learn how it works.

Sensor Visualization

  • RFID system Driver identification and authorized vehicle access
  • Rotation Sensor Cement mixing process, offloading and onloading events management
  • Fuel level sensor Fuel measurement, fuel theft detection, utilization reports
  • Weight System Pressure and weight of the truck for overload prevention