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Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Monitoring


Monitor fuel 24/7, wherever and
whenever it is consumed.

Why RAGtrack Fuel Monitoring System?


Reduced Fuel Costs

Decrease operational costs, increase fuel efficiency
Fuel Theft Prevention
Prevent fuel theft: Fuel tracking devices can help to prevent fuel theft by monitoring fuel levels and sending alerts when there is a sudden drop in fuel level. Track fuel consumption: Fuel tracking devices can help you track fuel consumption by recording the amount of fuel used over time. This information can be used to identify areas where fuel can be saved.
Remote Tank Monitoring
Accurate fuel refill and drain location updates: A robust fuel consumption meter can help you track your fuel usage more accurately by providing you with real-time updates on where and when your vehicles are refueling and draining their tanks. This information can be used to identify areas where fuel can be saved.
Fuel Efficiency Reports
Get precise data about the complete fuel log of your vehicle. Obtain detailed reports about refuelling, drainage, and mileage with our fuel tank level sensor.

Fuel Sensors For All Vehicles

Whether your fleet comprises trucks, cars, or buses, we cater to all.

Fuel Sensor for Trucks
Fleet owners across the world have to critically manage their operational costs and are the primary users of a fuel consumption meter. Providing fleet management fuel monitoring services is what sets RAGtrack apart. We make business management a simple task for you by providing consistent fuel reports with actionable data.
Fuel Sensor for Cars
Owning a private vehicle subjects you to numerous overheads. To enhance the longevity of your car, it is imperative that you are updated with its fuel utilisation. Our fuel level sensor does exactly that for you, and much more.
Fuel Sensor for Bus
With RAGtrack fuel pressure sensor, you can enable your bus fleet to run with great efficiency. We take the worry of technical maintenance of your buses off your mind with our capacitive fuel tank level sensor that is tamper and humidity proof and has a long work life .
Fuel Sensor for Bikes
When buying a bike, fuel efficiency is a key consideration. Whether you own a fleet of bikes or are a biker yourself, RAGtrack enables you to effectively monitor your fuel consumption. Our fuel sensor for bikes increases vehicle life and optimises fuel consumption.